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Fitell (NASDAQ:FTEL) specializes in the online retailing of sports and fitness equipment, aiming to empower individuals in their fitness and wellness journeys. The company's operations span across sourcing high-quality products, ensuring a seamless e-commerce experience, and providing exceptional customer support. Fitell's projects are geared towards expanding its product offerings, integrating innovative technology for a better shopping experience, and entering new markets to grow its customer base. Objectives include sustaining high customer satisfaction, achieving significant market share in the sports and fitness domain, and maintaining environmentally friendly practices throughout its operations.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Fitell Ordinary Shares?

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New South Wales, Australia

What year was Fitell Ordinary Shares founded?

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/Financial Services /Investment Management /Asset Management /Private Equity /Mutual Funds /Wealth Management

What are the products and/or services of Fitell Ordinary Shares?

Overview of Fitell Ordinary Shares offerings
E-commerce platform offering a wide range of sporting and gym equipment.
Subscription-based fitness and nutritional guidance services.
Customized fitness equipment manufacturing for personal and commercial use.
Virtual fitness classes and workshops.
Wearable fitness technology products.
Partnerships with fitness professionals for exclusive content and programs.

Who is in the executive team of Fitell Ordinary Shares?

Fitell Ordinary Shares leadership team
  • Ms. Yinying  Lu
    Ms. Yinying Lu
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Jamarson  Kong
    Mr. Jamarson Kong
    Chief Financial Officer