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What does Firebrick Pharma do?
Firebrick Pharma (ASX:FRE) is an Australian pharmaceutical company developing a first-in-class nasal spray called Nasodine. The company has spent over a decade researching and testing a povidone-iodine based spray that kills germs in the nose. Nasodine is currently available in Singapore and the United States. The main promotional claims are that Nasodine can help defend against the daily threat of germs in situations such as commuting, socialising, working and travelling. Nasodine holds several patents for Nasodine which focus on the intranasal povidone-iodine treatment for the common cold and for the formulation of the Nasodine product.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Firebrick Pharma?

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Melbourne, Australia

What year was Firebrick Pharma founded?

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What does Firebrick Pharma specialise in?
/Antimicrobial Development /Respiratory Infections /Furaprevir /Drug Discovery /Therapeutic Solutions /Clinical Trials

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Overview of Firebrick Pharma offerings
Nasodine is a povidone-iodine based nasal spray that kills germs in the nose.
Firebrick Pharma has a patent for the "Intranasal povidone-iodine for the common cold" which is granted in 28 countries including the US, Canada and Australia.
Firebrick Pharma has a patent for "Nasodine formulation" which is accepted in Australia and pending in other regions, which focuses on the unique composition of Nasodine.

Who is in the executive team of Firebrick Pharma?

Firebrick Pharma leadership team
  • Dr. Peter Laurence Molloy BSc, FAICD, MBA
    Dr. Peter Laurence Molloy BSc, FAICD, MBA
    Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Dr. Stephen Francis Goodall MASc, MBA
    Dr. Stephen Francis Goodall MASc, MBA
    Founder, COO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Kavi  Bekarma B.Sc., C.A.
    Mr. Kavi Bekarma B.Sc., C.A.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Simon  Tucker
    Dr. Simon Tucker
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Prof. Peter  Friedland
    Prof. Peter Friedland
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Monique  Baldwin
    Dr. Monique Baldwin
    Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Mr. Stephen  Buckley
    Mr. Stephen Buckley
    Company Secretary