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FIO Protocol (CRYPTO:FIO) is a layer-1 blockchain network that provides decentralized identity (DID) and authentication services. It is designed to improve the user experience of blockchain applications by making them more user-friendly and accessible. FIO Protocol offers a number of features that make it unique and valuable, including decentralized identity, authentication, and human-readable addresses. FIO Protocol is currently working on a number of projects to improve its platform and expand its reach, including a mobile wallet, an authenticator app, and a domain name system. FIO Protocol's objective is to make blockchain applications more user-friendly and accessible, and is committed to providing users with the best possible experience and to making blockchain technology more mainstream. FIO Protocol is a team of experienced professionals with a passion for blockchain technology and user experience. The team is committed to building the best possible blockchain identity and authentication platform and to making FIO Protocol a success for everyone.
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Colorado, United States

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/Collectibles & NFTs /Wallet

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Overview of FIO Protocol offerings
FIO Addresses: FIO addresses are human-readable and easy to remember, unlike traditional blockchain addresses. FIO addresses can be used to send and receive cryptocurrency, to log in to blockchain applications, and to access DID services.
FIO Authentication: FIO authentication allows users to log in to blockchain applications with their FIO usernames and passwords. This eliminates the need for users to remember and manage complex private keys.
FIO Data Storage: FIO data storage allows users to store and manage their DID data on the FIO blockchain. FIO data storage is secure, private, and tamper-proof.
FIO Domains: FIO domains are human-readable and easy to remember website addresses for DID services. FIO domains can be used to access DID-enabled applications, to store and manage DID data, and to verify identities.
FIO Identity Recovery: FIO identity recovery allows users to recover their DIDs if they lose access to them. FIO identity recovery is done through a distributed recovery network, which is a network of nodes that store backups of users' DIDs.
FIO Requests: FIO requests allow users to send and receive cryptocurrency with a simple message. FIO requests can be used to send cryptocurrency to friends and family, to pay for goods and services, and to donate to charities.