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What does Calmer Co. International Ltd do?
The Calmer Co (ASX:CCO) is an Australian-based company aiming to be a global leader in natural stress relief products. They cultivate, process, and sell kava under their Fiji Kava brand alongside other calming products like teas and shots. Their focus is providing natural alternatives to anti-anxiety medications. The company boasts a vertically integrated farm-to-shelf supply chain and approval from the Fijian government, giving them a unique edge.
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How many people does Calmer Co. International Ltd employ?


What sector is Calmer Co. International Ltd in?

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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Calmer Co. International Ltd?

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Head Office
Queensland, Australia

What year was Calmer Co. International Ltd founded?

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What does Calmer Co. International Ltd specialise in?
/Kava Products /Natural Supplements /Stress Relief /Anxiety Reduction /Indigenous Roots /Sustainable Harvesting

What are the products and/or services of Calmer Co. International Ltd?

Overview of Calmer Co. International Ltd offerings
Kava Products: This includes kava extract capsules, root powder mixes, and teas under the Fiji Kava brand.
Hemp Products: They sell hemp and CBD oils under the Danodan brand.
Drinking Kava & Flavored Shots: These are offered under the Taki Mai brand.
Kava Beverages: The company produces kava beverages under leilo brand names.
Nutraceuticals: The Calmer Co also produces unspecified nutraceutical products.
T-Shirts: While not a core product, they also sell The Calmer Co branded t-shirts.

Who is in the executive team of Calmer Co. International Ltd?

Calmer Co. International Ltd leadership team
  • Dr. Anthony  Noble
    Dr. Anthony Noble
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Zane  Yoshida B.Tech., M.B.A.
    Mr. Zane Yoshida B.Tech., M.B.A.
    Founder, COO & Executive Director
  • Ms. Sharmila  Nanayakkara
    Ms. Sharmila Nanayakkara
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Prof. Jerome  Sarris
    Prof. Jerome Sarris
    Member Scientific Advisory Board & Chief Scientist
  • Mr. Brian  Casutto
    Mr. Brian Casutto
    Managing Director of FijiKava Inc (USA)
  • Ms. Natalie  Climo
    Ms. Natalie Climo
    Company Secretary