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Fidelity® Total Bond ETF (NYSE:FBND) focuses on providing investors with a diversified portfolio that aims to reflect the performance of the U.S. bond market. This ETF seeks income and capital growth through investments in high-quality and, to a lesser extent, high-yield domestic bonds, including government, corporate, and mortgage-backed securities. Managed by Fidelity, a firm renowned for its extensive research and investment expertise, FBND strives to achieve a balance between risk and return, catering to investors who prioritize steady income and moderate capital appreciation. The fund's objectives include generating yields reflective of the broader bond market while maintaining a risk profile that aligns with moderate tolerance investors. Through its well-diversified bond holdings, Fidelity® Total Bond ETF aims to serve as a foundational piece in any investment portfolio, promoting income stability and opportunity for growth.
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Boston, United States

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/Fixed Income /Risk Management /Portfolio Diversification /Investment Management /Asset Allocation /Financial Services

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Overview of Fidelity® Total Bond ETF offerings
Managed income solutions focusing on diverse portfolios for consistent returns.
Comprehensive retirement planning services tailored to individual long-term investment goals.
Customized investment advice and portfolio management for individual investors.
Robust online trading platforms offering a range of investment tools and resources.
Educational resources and tools for investors to make informed decisions about their finances.
Customer support services providing personalized advice and assistance with investment strategies.