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Fidelity® Momentum Factor ETF (NYSEARCA:FDMO) specializes in providing investors access to a range of stocks demonstrating strong momentum characteristics. The ETF aims to track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Fidelity U.S. Momentum Factor Index. This objective involves investing at least 80% of assets in securities included in the index, focusing on companies that show positive momentum signals. The ETF's strategy is to capitalize on the momentum factor, seeking to offer diversified exposure to sectors and stocks poised for growth based on recent performance trends. Through rigorous research and a disciplined investment approach, Fidelity® Momentum Factor ETF aspires to deliver robust investment returns to its shareholders by harnessing the momentum of U.S. equities.
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Boston, United States

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/Investment Management /Exchange-Traded Fund /Momentum Investing /Equity Exposure /Asset Allocation /Risk Management

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Overview of Fidelity® Momentum Factor ETF offerings
Tracks Momentum Factor Index: FDMO tracks the Fidelity U.S. Momentum Factor Index?. This index aims to capture the returns of U.S. companies with characteristics that have historically exhibited positive momentum. These characteristics may include recent stock price appreciation or strong relative strength compared to the broader market.
Large & Mid-Cap Focus: The fund invests in stocks of large and mid-capitalization U.S. companies identified by the index.
Passive Management: FDMO passively follows the composition of the underlying index. The fund holds the same companies as the index, in similar proportions. There's no active selection of stocks by fund managers.
Potential for Capital Appreciation: The core objective of FDMO is to track an index that prioritizes companies with positive momentum signals, aiming to capture potential for above-average growth compared to the broader market.
Focus on U.S. Companies: FDMO offers exposure solely to U.S. companies, providing investors with a way to capture momentum within the U.S. market.
Risk & Reward: Momentum investing can be inherently riskier, as it often involves companies with more volatile stock prices. However, it also offers the potential for higher returns compared to broader market ETFs.