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What does Fidelity® Metaverse ETF do?
Fidelity® Metaverse ETF (NASDAQ:FMET) focuses on investing in the burgeoning sector of the metaverse, encompassing a wide range of companies engaged in developing virtual and augmented reality technologies, online platforms, and digital asset services to create immersive digital experiences. This ETF aims to provide investors with exposure to firms that are poised to benefit from the growth and expansion of virtual worlds and related technologies, making it a gateway for those looking to invest in the evolution of digital interaction and Internet technologies. The primary objective of Fidelity® Metaverse ETF is to track the performance of the Fidelity Metaverse Index, thereby offering a diversified portfolio that captures the sector's potential for innovation and growth.
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Boston, United States

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/Investment Management /Exchange-Traded Fund /Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality /Digital Transformation /Global Equities

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Overview of Fidelity® Metaverse ETF offerings
Investing in companies developing and manufacturing AR/VR hardware, crucial for immersive virtual experiences.
Supporting businesses involved in the creation and distribution of interactive software for metaverse environments.
Funding projects focused on building the infrastructure for the metaverse, including networking and cloud computing.
Backing companies that provide content, services, and technologies for digital payments within virtual worlds.
Investing in firms developing security and identity verification technologies for safe and secure metaverse transactions.
Financing entities involved in creating 3D modeling software, essential for designing virtual spaces and objects.