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What does Fidelity Disruptors ETF do?
Fidelity Disruptors ETF (NASDAQ:FDIF) aims to invest in companies poised to disrupt traditional industries through innovations in technology, products, services, or business models. This ETF seeks to capitalize on the growth potential of disruptive companies across a variety of sectors, focusing on firms that demonstrate a strong potential for high growth and market transformation. By strategically selecting companies that are at the forefront of societal and technological changes, Fidelity Disruptors ETF endeavors to provide investors with exposure to future market leaders. The ultimate objective is to deliver long-term capital appreciation by staying ahead of emerging trends and investing in companies that reshape their respective industries.
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Boston, United States

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/Investment Management /Disruptive Innovation /Diversified Portfolio /Long-term Growth /Thematic Strategy /Risk Tolerance

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Overview of Fidelity Disruptors ETF offerings
Invests in companies pioneering breakthrough technologies and innovations across various sectors.
Focuses on sectors such as healthcare, technology, communications, and consumer discretionary for portfolio diversification.
Offers exposure to global equities in disruptive innovation.
Aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing in next-generation technology companies.
Managed by experienced professionals with a comprehensive investment strategy centered on disruptive potential.
Provides access to a diversified portfolio, reducing risk through broad exposure to disruptive companies worldwide.