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What does FFI do?
FFI Holdings (ASX:FFI) is an Australia-based food processing company, primarily engaged in processing, manufacturing, packaging, and distributing food products for the Australian food industry. Its product line encompasses chocolate, cake toppings, confectionery products, bakers' jams, and fruit fillings, alongside providing contract packing and blending solutions. The company operates through two segments: the Bakery Segment, focusing on bakery and home cooking food products for a diverse customer base, and the Investment Property segment, which manages the company’s industrial/commercial land held for investment purposes.
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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for FFI?

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Head Office
Jandakot, Western Australia

What year was FFI founded?

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What does FFI specialise in?
/Food processing /Distribution /Packaging /Confectionery /Grocery /Manufacturing

What are the products and/or services of FFI?

Overview of FFI offerings
Chocolate products: choc chips, milk buttons, shaved chocolate, milk solids.
Bakers jams & fruit fillings: raspberry bakers filling, rasplum, apricot, blueberry, apple raspberry par.
Confectionary products: chocolate coated roasted nuts, yoghurt coated roasted nuts.
Cake, icings, toppings and decorations: 100s & 1000s, choc sprinkles, salted caramel toppings and decorated sugar.
Ice cream & bakery inclusions: fudge products, candy products, flavoured confectionery, chocolate roasted nuts.
Retail lines ‘private labels’: Snowflake icing sugar, raw sugar, Golden popcorn, Nemar confectionary.

Who is in the executive team of FFI?

FFI leadership team
  • Mr. Rodney Graham Moonen
    Mr. Rodney Graham Moonen
    Non-Executive Chairman & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Geoffrey Wayne Nicholson
    Mr. Geoffrey Wayne Nicholson
    MD & Executive Director