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What does Faraday Future Intelligent Electric do?
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric (NASDAQ:FFIE) is an American-based automotive company focused on the development and manufacture of electric vehicles (EVs). Specializing in cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and smart mobility solutions, Faraday Future's operations span from designing and engineering to marketing high-performance electric vehicles intended to compete in the global EV market. The company is actively working on several projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, including the development of the FF 91, a flagship luxury electric car designed to offer advanced connectivity, extreme performance, and innovative user experience features. Through these projects, Faraday Future aims to redefine the future of mobility, making it more sustainable, connected, and user-centric.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Faraday Future Intelligent Electric?

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Los Angeles, United States

What year was Faraday Future Intelligent Electric founded?

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What does Faraday Future Intelligent Electric specialise in?
/Electric Vehicles /Self-Driving Technology /AI Connectivity /Innovative Design /Vehicle Manufacturing /Charging Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Faraday Future Intelligent Electric?

Overview of Faraday Future Intelligent Electric offerings
FF 91 Futurist Alliance - A high-end, ultra-luxury electric vehicle featuring advanced connectivity, and customizable interior options.
FF 91 Futurist - A slightly less exclusive version of their flagship vehicle, offering high performance, intelligent driving capabilities, and luxurious comfort.
Variable Platform Architecture - A modular electric vehicle platform designed to support a range of body styles and vehicle types, enabling rapid development and customization.
Proprietary Echelon Inverter - An in-house developed electric inverter that increases the efficiency and performance of their electric vehicles.
FF Intelligent App - A comprehensive mobile application designed to extend the digital ecosystem into the vehicle, enhancing user experience through advanced features and services.

Who is in the executive team of Faraday Future Intelligent Electric?

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric leadership team
  • Mr. Matthias  Aydt
    Mr. Matthias Aydt
    Global CEO
  • Mr. Yueting  Jia
    Mr. Yueting Jia
    Founder, Partner, Chief Product & User Ecosystem Officer
  • Mr. Jonathan  Maroko
    Mr. Jonathan Maroko
    Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Chui Tin  Mok
    Mr. Chui Tin Mok
    Global Executive VP, Global Head of User Ecosystem & Executive Director
  • Mr. Scott A. Graziano
    Mr. Scott A. Graziano
    Global General Counsel
  • Mr. Chris  Chen
    Mr. Chris Chen
    Head of Global Brand & Marcom Sales Team
  • Mr. Terry  Wang
    Mr. Terry Wang
    Head of User Ecosystem Strategy, Operations, Corporate Operations & VLE
  • Ms. Connie  Zhao
    Ms. Connie Zhao
    Head of Vehicle System SW/Products Development & Integration