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FAR (ASX:FAR) is an Australian oil and gas company primarily focused on Africa. Founded in 1984 as First Australian Resources NL, it rebranded as FAR Limited in 2010. The company holds exploration licences in The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, as well as in Western Australia. FAR's core mission is to create value that benefits its shareholders and other stakeholders by maintaining growth and achieving success in exploration endeavours.
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Melbourne, Australia

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/Oil /Gas /Exploration /Africa /Energy

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FAR's African portfolio encompasses five exploration blocks in West Africa, specifically in The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. FAR achieved exploration success with the initial two deep water wells drilled off the coast of Senegal.
FAR acquired both the working interest and operatorship in two promising offshore blocks, A2 and A5, located near the significant Sangomar Oil Field off the coast of Senegal. FAR is the operator of these blocks, possessing a 50% beneficial interest, while Petronas is the co-venturer.
FAR initiated its withdrawal from the Esperanca Blocks 4A & 5A and Sinapa Block 2 offshore Guinea-Bissau, relinquishing its 21.43% interests. The withdrawal process involved notifying the Government of Guinea-Bissau and the joint venture operator.
Woodside Contingent Payment: In July 2021, FAR concluded the sale of its complete stake in the Senegal RSSD Project to Woodside. The transaction yielded US$126 million in cash upon completion, along with the entitlement to a contingent payment.

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FAR leadership team
  • Ms. Claire  Newstead-Sinclair
    Ms. Claire Newstead-Sinclair
    CFO & Company secretary
  • Ms. June Ann Atling
    Ms. June Ann Atling
    Administration Manager of Australia