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Fairlead Tactical Sector Fund (NYSEARCA:TACK) is an actively-managed exchange-traded fund (ETF) aiming for capital appreciation with controlled downside risk. Launched in 2022, it seeks to achieve this through a systematic technical analysis approach. TACK primarily invests in other ETFs, with over 80% focused on various U.S. equity sectors and potentially gold and Treasuries. By using technical analysis, the fund aims to identify long-term trends and adjust its holdings among these underlying ETFs to potentially capitalize on favorable market conditions. Led by renowned technical analyst Katie Stockton, TACK offers an actively managed strategy within the ETF structure.
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Stamford, United States

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/Investment Management /Financial Services /Portfolio Diversification /Sector Rotation /Risk Management /Fund Administration

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Overview of Fairlead Tactical Sector Fund offerings
Sector Allocation: TACK allocates investments across different sectors of the U.S. stock market. This means it buys and sells ETFs that focus on specific sectors like technology, healthcare, or financials.
Market Analysis: TACK relies on a proprietary technical model to analyze the market and identify trends. This analysis helps them decide which sectors to invest in.
Risk Management: Limiting drawdowns is a core objective of TACK. Their strategy aims to shift the portfolio towards defensive sectors or assets like Treasuries or gold during periods of high risk.
Capital Appreciation: Ultimately, TACK seeks to grow the value of its investors' capital over time.
Diversification: By investing in multiple sectors, TACK offers diversification to investors' portfolios, which can help reduce overall risk.
Active Management: Unlike some index-based ETFs, TACK is actively managed. This means a fund manager makes decisions about which sectors to buy and sell based on their analysis.