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What does Experience Co do?
Experience Co (ASX:EXP) is an Australian adventure tourism company that offers a range of experiences, including skydiving, tandem skydiving, indigenous experiences, and tours to the Great Barrier Reef. The company currently has numerous locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Experience Co's operations are focused on the delivery of high-quality and memorable adventure tourism experiences to its customers. The company's experienced and qualified staff are committed to providing customers with a safe and enjoyable experience.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Experience Co?

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New South Wales, Australia

What year was Experience Co founded?

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What does Experience Co specialise in?
/Tourism /Hospitality /Entertainment /Travel /Ecotourism /Adventure

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Overview of Experience Co offerings
Adventure tourism experiences: Experience Co offers a range of adventure tourism experiences, such as white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and camping.
Cultural tourism experiences: Experience Co also offers a range of cultural tourism experiences, such as Aboriginal tours, historical tours, and food tours.
Ecotourism experiences: Experience Co also offers a range of ecotourism experiences, such as wildlife tours, nature tours, and sustainable tourism experiences.
Accommodation: Experience Co offers a range of accommodation options, such as hotels, resorts, and camping grounds.
Transportation: Experience Co also offers transportation services, such as airport transfers, bus tours, and private transfers.
Tour packaging: Experience Co offers tour packages that combine multiple experiences, such as accommodation, transportation, activities, and meals.

Who is in the executive team of Experience Co?

Experience Co leadership team
  • Mr. John  O'Sullivan
    Mr. John O'Sullivan
    CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Gavin  Yates
    Mr. Gavin Yates
    Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Courtney  Butler
    Ms. Courtney Butler
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Kathryn  O'Brien
    Kathryn O'Brien
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Ms. Fiona  van Wyk
    Ms. Fiona van Wyk
    Company Secretary