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Everest (CRYPTO:ID) a protocol by THE Foundation, is designed to provide every individual with a free, digital identity combined with an account to store money, credentials, and more. It empowers users to create a secure, private, and persistent identity. The protocol leverages the native access, staking & governance token, ID, to create and verify identities + wallets. Everest, ID also functions as a general-purpose, permissionless blockchain capable of processing transactions. The protocol's operations include ID verification, credential sharing, and organizational programming of CRDTs. The objective is to ensure privacy, security, and accessibility for all users.
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San Diego, California

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/Finance / Banking

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Commitment to Security and Transparency: Everest operates with transparency and security, employing robust cryptographic techniques and regular audits to safeguard user data and protect against potential vulnerabilities.
Community-Driven Governance: ID token holders participate in governance decisions, shaping the future direction of the Everest platform and its underlying protocols.
Decentralized Identity Management: Everest provides a decentralized identity management system, enabling individuals to create, own, and control their digital identities without relying on intermediaries.
Interoperable Identity Ecosystem: Everest promotes interoperability across various blockchain networks and applications, enabling seamless identity verification and data sharing within the decentralized landscape.
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing: Everest empowers individuals to share their identity data selectively, granting access only to authorized entities while maintaining control over their privacy.
Secure and Verifiable Credentials: Everest facilitates the issuance and exchange of secure and verifiable credentials, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of personal and professional information.