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European Metals (ASX:EMH) is a mineral exploration and development company advancing the Cinovec vertically integrated battery metals project in the Czech Republic. The strategic location and size of the Cinovec Project (the largest hard rock lithium resource in Europe) is perfectly placed to capitalise on the EU's accelerated transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles.
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Perth, Australia

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/Battery metals /Europe /Energy /Mining /Resources /Lithium

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Development of the Cinovec Lithium Project in the Czech Republic: The Cinovec Lithium Project is Europe's largest lithium-tin resource and is expected to produce more than 27,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent per annum at peak production.
Production of lithium hydroxide: Lithium hydroxide is a high-value lithium product that is used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. European Metals plans to produce lithium hydroxide at its Cinovec Lithium Project using a state-of-the-art processing facility.
Development of a sustainable lithium supply chain: European Metals is committed to developing a sustainable lithium supply chain. The company is working with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that the Cinovec Lithium Project is developed in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Commitment to innovation and technology: European Metals is committed to innovation and technology. The company is developing new and innovative ways to produce lithium and other metals in a more sustainable and efficient manner.

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European Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Keith Dudley Coughlan B.A.
    Mr. Keith Dudley Coughlan B.A.
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Richard  Pavlik Eng.
    Mr. Richard Pavlik Eng.
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Simon  Edwards
    Mr. Simon Edwards
    Corporate Development Manager & COO of Geomet s.r.o
  • Mr. Henko  Vos
    Mr. Henko Vos
    Company Secretary