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European Lithium (ASX:EUR) is an Australian mineral exploration and development company focused on lithium in Europe. The company's flagship project is the Wolfsberg Lithium Project in Austria, which is one of the largest and highest grade lithium deposits in Europe. European Lithium's operations are divided into two segments: Exploration and Development. The Exploration segment is responsible for exploring for new lithium deposits in Europe. The Development segment is responsible for developing European Lithium's existing lithium projects, including the Wolfsberg Lithium Project.
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Perth, Australia

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/Battery metals /Energy /Lithium /Mining /Resources /Austria /Europe

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Overview of European Lithium offerings
Wolfsberg Lithium Project: Development of a hard rock lithium mine in Austria, with a projected production capacity of 10,000 metric tons of lithium hydroxide per year.
Lithium-ion battery materials: Production of lithium-ion battery materials, such as lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate, for use in the electric vehicle and energy storage industries.
Sustainable and responsible operations: Commitment to sustainable and responsible operations, including the use of renewable energy and the minimization of environmental impact.
Aim to be a leading lithium producer in Europe: Aim to be a leading producer of lithium in Europe, with a focus on high-quality, sustainable, and ethically sourced lithium products.
Innovative sustainable mining practices
Increasing European lithium supply chain independence

Who is in the executive team of European Lithium?

European Lithium leadership team
  • Mr. Antony William-Paul Sage B.Bus, B.Com., BCom, C.A., CA, FCPA, FTIA
    Mr. Antony William-Paul Sage B.Bus, B.Com., BCom, C.A., CA, FCPA, FTIA
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Dietrich Lothar Wanke
    Mr. Dietrich Lothar Wanke
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Melissa Kate Chapman A.C.I.S., AGIA, B.Com., C.P.A.
    Ms. Melissa Kate Chapman A.C.I.S., AGIA, B.Com., C.P.A.
    CFO & Joint Company Secretary
  • Ms. Catherine  Grand-Edwards
    Ms. Catherine Grand-Edwards
    Joint Company Secretary