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What does Etherstack do?
Etherstack plc is an Australian technology company specializing in critical communication networks technologies for infrastructures like public safety agencies and utilities. The company develops and licenses proprietary digital radio technologies that are embedded in two-way radio equipment. Its primary projects involve developing mission-critical radio technologies in the mobile telecommunications market and public safety markets. Etherstack's main objectives are to meet and exceed client expectations through innovative technologies, expand globally, and increase their market share in the mobile telecommunications sector.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Etherstack?

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London, United Kingdom

What year was Etherstack founded?

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What does Etherstack specialise in?
/Wireless communications /Networking equipment /Defence /Technology

What are the products and/or services of Etherstack?

Overview of Etherstack offerings
Etherstack P25 Security Suite integrates an AES/DES P25 encryption engine with P25 Key Fill Device support, ensuring comprehensive encryption for P25 subscribers.
Etherstack P25 Key Management Facility integrates with the Etherstack all-IP Core Network and third-party soft-switched or traditional hard-switched networks, enabling support for industry-standard APCO P25 encryption.
Etherstack P25 Security Dongle supports complete P25 OTAR rekeying, featuring an IMBE Vocoder, audio input/output jacks, and ensures secure audio routing within the device.

Who is in the executive team of Etherstack?

Etherstack leadership team
  • Mr. David  Deacon
    Mr. David Deacon
    Founder, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Paul Martin Barnes
    Mr. Paul Martin Barnes
    Company Secretary & Independent Non Executive Director
  • Mr. David  Carter
    Mr. David Carter
    CFO & Company Secretary