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ESGL Holdings (NASDAQ:ESGL), uses innovative tech to transform industrial waste into reusable products. They focus on creating a circular economy by utilizing renewable energy alongside waste management. Their services include recovering resources from waste and remanufacturing chemicals, all with a goal of reducing environmental impact. As of 2023, their processing capacity is 35,000 metric tons, with an ambitious target of 185,000 by 2025.
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Singapore, Singapore

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/Real Estate /Property Management /Commercial Spaces /Residential Properties /Investment Services /Development Projects

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Renewable Energy Solutions: Development and operation of sustainable energy projects leveraging solar, wind, and hydro technologies.
Smart Infrastructure: Design and implementation of intelligent infrastructure solutions for cities, including smart lighting and traffic management systems.
Water Treatment Services: Provision of advanced water treatment and management services ensuring clean and safe water supplies.
Agricultural Technologies: Innovation in agricultural products and techniques to improve yield and sustainability for farmers.
Financial Services Platform: Comprehensive financial solutions for businesses and individuals, including loans, asset management, and insurance products.
Healthcare Services: Advanced healthcare services and solutions, focusing on telemedicine and digital health initiatives.