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What does Envirotech Vehicles do?
Envirotech Vehicles (NASDAQ:EVTV) specializes in developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly, electric-powered commercial vehicles. Focusing on innovation and sustainability, they aim to provide solutions that reduce carbon emissions and operating costs for businesses. Their product line includes electric trucks and buses designed to meet the demands of urban logistics, public transportation, and specialized utility services. Envirotech Vehicles strives to lead the transition towards a green future by integrating advanced electric vehicle technology with practical applications. Their objective is not only to contribute to cleaner air and reduced fossil fuel dependence but also to offer vehicles that are economical in terms of both acquisition and operation.
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What sector is Envirotech Vehicles in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Envirotech Vehicles?

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Corona, United States

What year was Envirotech Vehicles founded?

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What does Envirotech Vehicles specialise in?
/Electric Vehicles /Environmentally Friendly /Electric Busses /Electric Trucks /EV Conversion /Infrastructure Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Envirotech Vehicles?

Overview of Envirotech Vehicles offerings
Electric Commercial Vehicles, offering a range of trucks and buses designed for sustainability and efficiency.
Vehicle Electrification Solutions, providing electrification for existing commercial vehicle platforms.
After-Sales Service, including maintenance and repair for electric commercial vehicles.
Battery Technology, developing advanced battery systems to extend range and durability of electric vehicles.
Vehicle Leasing Programs, facilitating easier adoption of electric vehicles through flexible leasing options.
Charging Infrastructure Solutions, offering charging station installation and management services for electric vehicle fleets.

Who is in the executive team of Envirotech Vehicles?

Envirotech Vehicles leadership team
  • Mr. Phillip W. Oldridge
    Mr. Phillip W. Oldridge
    Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
  • Ms. Susan M. Emry
    Ms. Susan M. Emry
    Executive VP, Corporate Secretary & Director
  • Mr. Franklin  Lim
    Mr. Franklin Lim
    CFO & Controller
  • Greg  Miros
    Greg Miros
    Vice President of Sales
  • Richard R. Ross
    Richard R. Ross
    Executive Vice President of EVTV North America