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What does Ensysce Biosciences do?
Ensysce Biosciences (NASDAQ:ENSC) is a biotech firm focused on developing innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical field, with a keen emphasis on therapies that aim to prevent prescription drug abuse. It specializes in utilizing its proprietary TAAP™ and MPAR™ technologies to create abuse-deterrent opioids and overdose protection drugs, tackling the growing opioid crisis head-on. The company's projects range from preclinical development to advanced clinical trials, aiming to significantly improve patient safety and adherence. Ensysce's objectives include advancing its pipeline products through regulatory approvals, commercializing its technologies, and establishing partnerships to enhance its market footprint, ultimately striving to provide safer therapeutic options for pain management and addressing the unmet needs in addiction prevention.
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Health Care

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La Jolla, United States

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/Drug Development /Opioid Overdose /Prescription Abuse /Biotechnology /Pain Management /Addiction Treatment

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Overview of Ensysce Biosciences offerings
TAAP (Targeted Abuse Affective Platform): This technology deters abuse by making it difficult to crush, chew, snort, or inject medications.
MPAR (Multi-Pill Abuse Resistant): This technology adds a feature that limits the amount of medication released if someone takes too much at once, potentially reducing the risk of overdose.
Route Scouting and Pre-Formulation: Ensysce can assist with selecting the most suitable method of delivering the drug (oral, topical, etc.) They can also perform initial studies on the stability and formulation of the medication.
Dosage Form Development: Here, Ensysce would help design a formulation that incorporates their TAAP or MPAR technology to make the medication tamper-resistant or include overdose prevention features.
Small-Scale GMP Manufacturing: Ensysce has the capability to produce small batches of a drug following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which ensures quality and safety standards. This can be useful for clinical trials.
Drug Substance Characterization: Ensysce can analyze the drug substance to ensure it meets the desired specifications for purity, potency, and other characteristics.

Who is in the executive team of Ensysce Biosciences?

Ensysce Biosciences leadership team
  • Dr. D. Lynn Kirkpatrick Ph.D.
    Dr. D. Lynn Kirkpatrick Ph.D.
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. David C. Humphrey CPA
    Mr. David C. Humphrey CPA
    CFO, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Mr. Geoffrey  Birkett
    Mr. Geoffrey Birkett
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dr. Jeffrey  Millard Ph.d.
    Dr. Jeffrey Millard Ph.d.
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. William K. Schmidt Ph.D.
    Dr. William K. Schmidt Ph.D.
    Chairman of Clinical Advisory Board & Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Linda  Pestano Ph.D.
    Dr. Linda Pestano Ph.D.
    Chief Development Officer