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Energy Metals (ASX:EME) is an Australian uranium exploration company with a portfolio of advanced projects located in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The company's flagship project is the Bigrlyi Project, which is characterised by relatively high uranium grades (with vanadium credits) and excellent metallurgical recoveries. In addition to the Bigrlyi Project, Energy Metals also has seven other projects in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, covering over 2,400 km². Most of these projects contain uranium mineralisation discovered by major companies in the 1970s. Energy Metals' key objective is to develop its uranium projects into production, in order to supply the growing global demand for uranium.
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Perth, Australia

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/Uranium /Exploration /Mineralisation /Vanadium /Western Australia /Northern Territory /Energy

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The Bigrlyi Project: consists of 10 retention exploration licences (ELRs). It is a joint venture involving Northern Territory Uranium (20.8%) and Southern Cross Exploration (6.8%).
Ngalia Regional Project: spanning over 2,000 km² in the Ngalia Basin, features nine wholly owned exploration licences and three retention exploration licences. These tenements encircle the Bigrlyi project JV tenements and other minor JV tenements.
Anketell Project: situated 100 km east of Mt Magnet. Western Mining uncovered shallow, calcrete-hosted uranium mineralisation in 1972.
Mopoke Well Project: encompasses two historical uranium prospects, Peninsula and Stakeyard Well, where uranium is found in calcretized sediments associated with the Lake Raeside drainage system.
Lakeside Project: located 20km west of Cue in the Yilgarn region of WA, features a surficial-style uranium mineralised system situated in calcrete and calcareous sediments within a palaeochannel and saline drainage system at shallow depths.

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Energy Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Shubiao  Tao
    Mr. Shubiao Tao
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Xuekun  Li A.C.I.S., ACCA, ACIS
    Ms. Xuekun Li A.C.I.S., ACCA, ACIS
    Company Secretary & CFO
  • Dr. Wayne  Taylor B.Sc. Hons
    Dr. Wayne Taylor B.Sc. Hons
    Exploration Manager