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What does Energy Fuels do?
Energy Fuels (NYSEAMERICAN:UUUU) focuses on mining and producing uranium and vanadium, and is expanding into the emerging rare earth element sector. With various projects across the United States, Energy Fuels aims to supply critical materials for clean energy and advanced technologies, emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their objectives include maximizing their position in the uranium market, expanding their rare earth production capabilities, and ensuring the security of supply for vital industries in the United States and beyond. Through strategic asset development and environmental stewardship, Energy Fuels seeks to support the domestic energy and technology sectors while positioning itself for future opportunities in the low-carbon economy.
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Where is the head office for Energy Fuels?

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Head Office
Lakewood, United States

What year was Energy Fuels founded?

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What does Energy Fuels specialise in?
/Uranium Production /Vanadium Production /Nuclear Fuels /Recycling Radioactive /Clean Energy /Mining Projects

What are the products and/or services of Energy Fuels?

Overview of Energy Fuels offerings
Uranium mining and milling, focusing on production for nuclear energy generation.
Vanadium production, offering critical materials for steel reinforcement and aerospace industries.
Rare earth element (REE) processing, supporting renewable energy and technology sectors.
Alternate feed material processing, utilizing existing waste streams for resource extraction.
Land cleanup and uranium recovery from contaminated sites, promoting environmental restoration.
Toll milling services, providing processing solutions for other mining companies.

Who is in the executive team of Energy Fuels?

Energy Fuels leadership team
  • Mr. Mark S. Chalmers BSc, P.E., SME
    Mr. Mark S. Chalmers BSc, P.E., SME
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. David C. Frydenlund
    Mr. David C. Frydenlund
    Executive VP, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Curtis H. Moore J.D., MBA
    Mr. Curtis H. Moore J.D., MBA
    Senior Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Development
  • Mr. Nathan Reed Bennett
    Mr. Nathan Reed Bennett
    Chief Accounting Officer & Interim CFO
  • Daniel D. Kapostasy
    Daniel D. Kapostasy
    Director of Technical Services
  • Ms. Dee Ann Nazarenus
    Ms. Dee Ann Nazarenus
    Vice President of Human Resources & Administration
  • Mr. Philip Gordon Buck
    Mr. Philip Gordon Buck
    Vice President of Mining - Energy Fuels Resources (USA) Inc
  • Bernard  Bonifas
    Bernard Bonifas
    Director of ISR Operations - Uranerz Energy Corporation