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What does Energy Focu do?
Energy Focus (NASDAQ:EFOI) is a dynamic enterprise dedicated to revolutionizing lighting solutions through the development of energy-efficient products. With a keen focus on LED lighting technology, the company strives to improve environmental sustainability while offering cost-effective solutions for commercial, industrial, and government sectors. Energy Focus aims to continuously innovate within the lighting industry, driving towards reducing energy consumption and promoting eco-friendly practices. With projects ranging from retrofitting existing fixtures to deploying advanced lighting systems in new constructions, their objective is to illuminate spaces intelligently, ensuring customer satisfaction through high-quality, durable products. The company's commitment to excellence and sustainability positions it as a vital player in the global effort to conserve energy and resources.
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Solon, United States

What year was Energy Focu founded?

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What does Energy Focu specialise in?
/LED Lighting /Lighting Retrofit /Energy Efficiency /Renewable Solutions /Project Management /Engineering Services

What are the products and/or services of Energy Focu?

Overview of Energy Focu offerings
LED lighting solutions tailored for commercial, industrial, and government applications, enhancing energy efficiency and cost savings.
IntellitubeĀ® Direct Install LED tubes, designed for seamless retrofitting in existing lighting fixtures.
EnFocusā„¢ lighting control platform, offering dimming and color tuning capabilities for personalized lighting environments.
UV-C disinfection products, leveraging ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces in various settings, promoting health and safety.
Battery backup lighting products, ensuring illumination during power outages for safety and security.
Portable power products, delivering reliable and renewable energy solutions for on-the-go and emergency power needs.

Who is in the executive team of Energy Focu?

Energy Focu leadership team
  • Mr. Chiao Chieh  Huang
    Mr. Chiao Chieh Huang
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Laszlo  Takacs
    Mr. Laszlo Takacs
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Stephen B. Davis
    Stephen B. Davis
    Director of Government & Investor Relations
  • Mr. Bob  Smyles
    Mr. Bob Smyles
    Senior Director & Head of Government Sales
  • Mr. Randy  Gianas
    Mr. Randy Gianas
    Senior Vice President
  • Edward  Gilmore
    Edward Gilmore
    CEO of Little Grapevine