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What does Energous do?
Energous (NASDAQ:WATT) focuses on developing cutting-edge wireless charging solutions that aim to transform the way electronic devices receive power. The company is primarily known for its innovative technology, WattUp, that offers a contactless charging experience, powering a wide array of devices such as smartphones, wearables, and IoT products without the need for charging pads or direct cable connections. Energous is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of wireless charging to deliver seamless, efficient, and unrestricted power access for consumers and industries alike. With a commitment to sustainability and convenience, Energous works on deploying its technology across various sectors, aiming to make wireless charging a ubiquitous and standard feature for electronic devices.
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San Jose, United States

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What does Energous specialise in?
/Wireless Charging /Radio Frequency Technology /WattUp Technology /Battery Management /Consumer Electronics /Industrial IoT Applications

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Overview of Energous offerings
WattUp, a wireless charging 2.0 ecosystem that supports charging electronic devices at a distance.
Development of RF-based wireless power networks to enable charging of multiple devices simultaneously.
Partnerships for integrating wireless charging technology into consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial applications.
Production of energy harvesting technologies to convert RF energy into DC power for low-power devices.
Creation of developer kits aimed at accelerating the development and integration of wireless charging solutions into various products.
Engagement in the development of regulatory standards for wireless power and ensuring compliance with global safety regulations.

Who is in the executive team of Energous ?

Energous leadership team
  • Mr. Cesar  Johnston
    Mr. Cesar Johnston
  • Ms. Mallorie Sara Burak
    Ms. Mallorie Sara Burak
    CFO & Interim Principal Executive Officer
  • Mr. Giampaolo  Marino
    Mr. Giampaolo Marino
    Vice President of Business Development & Marketing