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What does Encounter Resources do?
Encounter Resources (ASX:ENR) is an Australian-based mineral exploration company focused on copper, gold, and other metals. The company has projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Projects are located in Laverton, West Arunta and the Paterson Province of Western Australia. Northern Territory projects include Elliott, Carrera, Jessica, Sandover and Junction & Sitch.
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Where is the head office for Encounter Resources?

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Perth, Australia

What year was Encounter Resources founded?

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What does Encounter Resources specialise in?
/Gold /Copper /REE /Mining /Resources /Lithium /Western Australia /Northern Territory

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Overview of Encounter Resources offerings
Alleron Copper-Rare Earths (100% owned): Commanding land position in the emerging West Arunta REE region. Niobium-REE carbonate discoveries in the belt.
Yeneena Copper-Cobalt (IGO $15M earn in): New approach in a copper-cobalt district where new discoveries are being made.
Elliott Copper (BHP $25M earn-in): Sediment-hosted copper in an unexplored region of Northern Territory.
Jessica and Carrara Copper-Zinc (S32 $15M & $10M earn-ins): Sediment-hosted copper and copper-zinc targets in an underexplored region of the Northern Territory.
Other projects include: Irwin REE (100% owned), Lamil Copper-Gold (100% owned), Sandover Copper (100% owned) and Junction and Sitch Lithium (100% owned).

Who is in the executive team of Encounter Resources?

Encounter Resources leadership team
  • Mr. William Michael Robinson B.Com., B.Comm, MAusIMM
    Mr. William Michael Robinson B.Com., B.Comm, MAusIMM
    Executive Chairman
  • Mark  Brodie
    Mark Brodie
    Exploration Manager
  • Sarah  James
    Sarah James
    Exploration Manager
  • Mr. Kevin Ronald Hart B.Com., B.Comm (Hons), C.A., F.C.A.
    Mr. Kevin Ronald Hart B.Com., B.Comm (Hons), C.A., F.C.A.
    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Daniel  Travers B.Sc (Hons), B.Sc., FCCA
    Mr. Daniel Travers B.Sc (Hons), B.Sc., FCCA
    Company Secretary