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What does Encore Wire do?
Encore Wire (NASDAQ:WIRE) specializes in manufacturing a broad range of electrical building wire for interior wiring in commercial and industrial buildings, homes, apartments, and manufactured housing. The company focuses on producing copper and aluminum wire, including NM-B, UF-B, THHN/THWN-2, XHHW-2, USE-2, and other types of wire products. Encore Wire operates out of McKinney, Texas, where it aims to meet the demand for electrical wire with a strong emphasis on quality, service, and customer satisfaction. A significant part of its business model includes offering a unique selling proposition through its "Reel Payoff" system, which reduces scrap and labor costs for its customers. The company's primary objective is to sustain and grow its market share by innovating and expanding its product lines to cater to evolving customer needs and the dynamic nature of the construction industry.
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Where is the head office for Encore Wire ?

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McKinney, United States

What year was Encore Wire founded?

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What does Encore Wire specialise in?
/Electrical Wire /Cable Manufacturing /Building Wire /Aluminum Conductors /Underground Distribution /Armored Cable

What are the products and/or services of Encore Wire ?

Overview of Encore Wire offerings
Aluminum Wire and Cable products, servicing commercial, residential, and industrial needs with high conductivity and resilience.
Copper Building Wire for critical electrical systems, offering superior durability and conductivity.
Armored Cable designed to protect wiring in harsh environments, ensuring safety and reliability.
NM-B (Non-Metallic Sheathed) Cable, providing a cost-effective solution for residential wiring with easy installation.
Portable Cord, flexible and durable for power tools and equipment, suitable for harsh outdoor conditions.
Bare Copper Conductor used for grounding in electrical systems, ensuring safety and reliability.

Who is in the executive team of Encore Wire ?

Encore Wire leadership team
  • Mr. Daniel L. Jones
    Mr. Daniel L. Jones
    Chairman, President & CEO
  • Mr. Bret J. Eckert
    Mr. Bret J. Eckert
    Executive VP, CFO, VP of Finance, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Mr. William T. Bigbee
    Mr. William T. Bigbee
    Vice President of Operations and R&D Services
  • David R. McAtee
    David R. McAtee
    General Counsel
  • Kevin M. Heffernan
    Kevin M. Heffernan
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Rob E. Caillet
    Rob E. Caillet
    Vice President of Human Resources and Environmental, Health, & Safety
  • Mr. Matthew D. Ford
    Mr. Matthew D. Ford
    Assistant Secretary & Controller