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What does Elite Education Group International do?
EpicQuest Education Group International (NASDAQ:EEIQ) specializes in providing international students with comprehensive educational programs and services to pursue higher education opportunities in the United States and other countries. The company focuses on facilitating the transition of international students into their chosen education pathways through language and preparatory training, recruitment efforts, and cultural exchange activities. With a keen interest in creating global learning opportunities, EpicQuest Education Group International aims to broaden educational and career horizons for students from diverse backgrounds, striving to enhance their academic achievements and personal growth.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Elite Education Group International?

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Ohio, United States

What year was Elite Education Group International founded?

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What does Elite Education Group International specialise in?
/Online Education /Diploma Programs /International Schooling /Student Services /Academic Consulting /Cultural Projects

What are the products and/or services of Elite Education Group International?

Overview of Elite Education Group International offerings
International Education Programs: Provides international students with opportunities to study abroad, focusing on enhancing global understanding and cultural exchange.
Language Training Services: Offers comprehensive language training services, including English and other major languages, tailored for students aiming for international education opportunities.
Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs: Partners with universities to offer diverse undergraduate and graduate degree programs, catering to a global student body.
Career Counseling: Provides career counseling and guidance services to help students and graduates navigate their future career paths effectively.
Scholarship and Financial Aid Assistance: Aids students in securing scholarships and financial aid, making education more accessible to a broader audience.
Online Learning Platforms: Develops and operates online learning platforms offering a range of courses and resources for distance education.

Who is in the executive team of Elite Education Group International?

Elite Education Group International leadership team
  • Mr. Jianbo  Zhang
    Mr. Jianbo Zhang
    Chairman & CEO
  • Dr. Zhenyu  Wu
    Dr. Zhenyu Wu
    CFO & Director
  • Ms. Yunxia  Xu
    Ms. Yunxia Xu
    COO & Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ms. Jing  Li
    Ms. Jing Li
    Chief Development Officer
  • Mr. Bo  Yu
    Mr. Bo Yu
    Chief Programs Officer