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Elevai Labs (NASDAQ:ELAB) specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize skincare and aesthetics. The organization is dedicated to developing advanced skincare solutions by integrating the latest research in biotechnology and dermatology. Elevai Labs is steadfast in its mission to innovate within the beauty sector, aiming to deliver high-quality, effective products that cater to diverse skin needs. This ambition is channeled through rigorous research, strategic collaborations, and a commitment to sustainability. With a focus on creating a distinctive mark in the skincare industry, Elevai Labs endeavors to enhance consumer experiences through revolutionary products that promise efficacy and safety.
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Health Care

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Newport Beach, United States

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/Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning /Naturual Language Generation /Chatbots Development /AI Consultancy /Data Analysis

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Overview of Elevai Labs, offerings
AI-driven skincare solution tailoring products to individual skin types and concerns for personalized skincare routines.
Machine learning algorithms for predicting skincare product effectiveness based on user feedback and scientific data.
Augmented reality (AR) app for virtual skin analysis and product recommendations, enhancing customer engagement.
E-commerce platform offering a curated selection of skincare products optimized by AI for customer needs.
Customized skincare subscription service utilizing AI to adjust product selection based on changes in skin condition and preferences.
Collaborative research projects with dermatologists to integrate clinical insights into AI models for better skincare outcomes.

Who is in the executive team of Elevai Labs, ?

Elevai Labs, leadership team
  • Dr. Jordan R. Plews Ph.D.
    Dr. Jordan R. Plews Ph.D.
    Co-Founder, President, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Brenda  Buechler
    Ms. Brenda Buechler
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Christoph  Kraneiss
    Mr. Christoph Kraneiss
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dr. Hatem  Abou-Sayed F.A.C.S., FACS, M.B.A., M.D., MBA
    Dr. Hatem Abou-Sayed F.A.C.S., FACS, M.B.A., M.D., MBA
    Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer & Director
  • Mr. Graydon  Bensler C.F.A.
    Mr. Graydon Bensler C.F.A.
    CFO, Secretary & Director