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What is Elders Ltd about?
Elders (ASX:ELD) is an Australian agricultural services company that provides a range of products and services to farmers and rural communities. The company's operations are divided into four segments: Livestock, Wool, Real Estate, and Rural Products. The Livestock segment provides livestock marketing and agency services, as well as livestock finance and insurance. The Wool segment provides wool and livestock agency services, as well as wool broking and marketing. The Real Estate segment provides rural real estate services, as well as residential and commercial real estate services. The Rural Products segment provides a range of rural products and services, including farm supplies, agronomy, and machinery.
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What sector is Elders Ltd in?

Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Elders Ltd?

Head Office
Adelaide, Australia

What year was Elders Ltd founded?

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What does Elders Ltd specialise in?
/Farming /Agriculture /Contracting /Commodities /Livestock /Machinery
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    Adelaide, Australia
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What are Elders Ltd’s services?
Overview of Elders Ltd offerings
Agricultural products and services: Elders provides a wide range of agricultural products and services, including livestock and wool sales, real estate services, financial services, and insurance.
Wool: Elders is Australia's leading wool broker, handling over 20% of the country's wool production.
Livestock: Elders is one of Australia's largest livestock auctioneers, selling over 10 million head of livestock each year.
Real estate: Elders is a leading provider of real estate services to the Australian agricultural sector.
Financial services: Elders offers a range of financial services to farmers and graziers, including loans, insurance, and investment advice.
Who is in the Elders Ltd executive team?
Elders Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. Mark Charles Allison BAgrSc, BEcon, FAICD, GDM
    Mr. Mark Charles Allison BAgrSc, BEcon, FAICD, GDM
    CEO, MD & Exec. Director
  • Mr. Paul  Rossiter
    Mr. Paul Rossiter
    Group Treasurer & Acting Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Viv  Da Ros
    Mr. Viv Da Ros
    Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Peter Gordon Hastings B.A., BA, GDLP, L.L.B., LLB
    Mr. Peter Gordon Hastings B.A., BA, GDLP, L.L.B., LLB
    Gen. Counsel & Company Sec.
  • Mr. Thomas Benjamin Russo
    Mr. Thomas Benjamin Russo
    Exec. Gen. Mang. of Real Estate, Brand & Communications
  • Ms. Olivia  Richardson
    Ms. Olivia Richardson
    Exec. Gen. Mang. of People, Culture & Safety
  • Ms. Sanjeeta  Singh BEd (Primary), FGIA
    Ms. Sanjeeta Singh BEd (Primary), FGIA
    Head of Risk, Safety & Environment
  • Ms. Shannon Hope Doecke AGIA, BACC, M.A.I.C.D.
    Ms. Shannon Hope Doecke AGIA, BACC, M.A.I.C.D.
    Company Sec.