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What does ECD Automotive Design do?
ECD Automotive Design (NASDAQ:ECDA) is a publicly traded company specializing in high-end restoration and customization of classic cars. Known for its work on Land Rovers, Jaguars, and Ford Mustangs, ECD boasts the title of world's largest Land Rover and Jaguar restoration company. They offer bespoke rebuilds with a focus on luxury and performance. The company recently reported a 22.5% revenue increase in 2023 and anticipates continued growth in 2024.
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How many people does ECD Automotive Design employ?


What sector is ECD Automotive Design in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for ECD Automotive Design?

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Head Office
Kissimmee, United States

What year was ECD Automotive Design founded?

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Year Founded
What does ECD Automotive Design specialise in?
/Custom Vehicles /Restoration Services /Land Rover Specialist /Defender Production /Luxury Interiors /Individual Customization

What are the products and/or services of ECD Automotive Design?

Overview of ECD Automotive Design offerings
Custom-built luxury Land Rovers, tailored to customer specifications.
Restoration and modernization of classic Land Rover Defenders.
Electric vehicle conversion for classic Land Rovers, incorporating modern electric powertrains.
Bespoke interior redesign services, featuring premium materials and personalized accessories.
Performance upgrades for Land Rover vehicles, including engine enhancements and drivetrain improvements.
Exclusive limited-edition releases of fully customized, themed Land Rover Defenders.

Who is in the executive team of ECD Automotive Design?

ECD Automotive Design leadership team
  • Mr. Elliot  Humble
    Mr. Elliot Humble
    Founder, CTO & Operation Manager
  • Mr. Scott  Wallace
    Mr. Scott Wallace
    Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO
  • Mr. Thomas  Humble
    Mr. Thomas Humble
    Founder, Chief Experience Officer, Sales Director & Director
  • Ms. Emily  Humble
    Ms. Emily Humble
    Founder, CPO, Head of Client Services & Director
  • Mr. Raymond  Cole
    Mr. Raymond Cole
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Sirahdia K. Stewart-Greene
    Sirahdia K. Stewart-Greene
    Head of Public Relations
  • Teddy  Lawrence
    Teddy Lawrence
    Head of Vehicle Sales
  • Angel  Batista
    Angel Batista
    Head of Upholstery