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What is EcoGraf Ltd about?
Ecograf (ASX:EGR) is an Australian company involved in the advanced processing of natural flake graphite. Its operations and projects are primarily focused on developing high-quality and environmentally sustainable graphite products for the burgeoning lithium-ion battery market.
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Where is the head office for EcoGraf Ltd?

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Perth, Australia

What year was EcoGraf Ltd founded?

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What does EcoGraf Ltd specialise in?
/Graphite /Lithium-ion battery /Tanzania /Africa /Battery metals
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    Perth, Australia
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What are EcoGraf Ltd’s services?
Overview of EcoGraf Ltd offerings
TanzGraphite Natural Graphite Projects: Dedicated to advancing the Epanko and Merelani-Arusha Graphite Projects in Tanzania, emphasising high-quality, long-term natural flake graphite production.
Epanko Graphite Project: A development-ready new graphite mine in Tanzania. Project financing is underway with international and Tanzanian financial institutions.
EcoGraf HFfree Battery Anode Material: The first HFfree battery anode material facility in development outside of China, providing a new supply of sustainably produced, high-quality purified spherical graphite for the high-growth lithium-ion battery market.
EcoGraf’s HFfree purification technology: An ESG solution for anode recycling which provides a vertically integrated business that meets the new age requirements for raw materials, while also reducing CO2 emissions and lowering overall battery production costs.
Who is in the EcoGraf Ltd executive team?
EcoGraf Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. Andrew Peter Spinks B.App.Sc, GDip (Mining), MAusIMM, W.A
    Mr. Andrew Peter Spinks B.App.Sc, GDip (Mining), MAusIMM, W.A
    MD, Pres & Director
  • Mr. Howard C. Rae B.Com, B.Com., C.A., CA
    Mr. Howard C. Rae B.Com, B.Com., C.A., CA
    CFO & Joint Company Sec.
  • Mr. Daniel Clifford Harris B.Sc., BE(Hons), MBA
    Mr. Daniel Clifford Harris B.Sc., BE(Hons), MBA
    Chief Operating Officer