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EBR Systems (ASX:EBR) is a medical device company that develops and commercialises the WiSE CRT™ System, the world's first and only leadless cardiac pacing device for heart failure. Leadless CRT is a minimally invasive therapy that can be implanted without the need for wires or leads, and it offers a number of advantages over traditional CRT devices, including reduced risk of infection and lead-related complications. EBR Systems' operations are focused on the commercialization of the WiSE CRT System in the United States, the world's largest market for CRT devices. The company is currently conducting a pivotal clinical trial to support FDA approval of the WiSE CRT System, and it expects to launch the device commercially in the United States in 2024.
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Health Care

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California, United States

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/Biotech /Medtech /Health /Medical /Hospital /Healthcare /Pharmaceuticals

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Overview of EBR Systems offerings
WiSE Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy System: This system uses a proprietary wireless technology to deliver pacing stimulation directly to the inside of the left ventricle of the heart. This aims to address limitations and complications associated with traditional methods that use leads.
WiSE (Wireless Stimulation Endocardially): technology to deliver electrical stimulation directly to the inside of the left ventricle of the heart without implanted leads, aiming to address complications associated with traditional methods.
Research and Development: EBR invests in ongoing research and development to improve the WiSE system and explore its potential applications for other cardiac rhythm management needs.
Regulatory Activities: The company pursues regulatory approvals for the WiSE system in different regions to enable broader commercialisation.
Manufacturing and Distribution Partnerships: EBR works with partners for manufacturing and distribution of the WiSE system as they scale up operations.

Who is in the executive team of EBR Systems?

EBR Systems leadership team
  • Mr. Allan Roger Will
    Mr. Allan Roger Will
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. John Graham McCutcheon
    Mr. John Graham McCutcheon
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Gary W. Doherty
    Mr. Gary W. Doherty
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Michael  Hendricksen
    Mr. Michael Hendricksen
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. N. Parker Willis Ph.D.
    Dr. N. Parker Willis Ph.D.
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Mr. Andrew  Shute
    Mr. Andrew Shute
    Senior Vice President of Global Field Operations
  • Ms. Madhuri  Bhat
    Ms. Madhuri Bhat
    Chief Regulatory Officer
  • Dr. Spencer H. Kubo M.D.
    Dr. Spencer H. Kubo M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer