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What does Earlypay do?
Earlypay (ASX:EPY) is a financial technology company that provides working capital solutions to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. The company's flagship product is the EarlyPay platform, which allows businesses to access their earned revenue early, without having to wait for their customers to pay. Earlypay also offers a range of other products and services, including invoice financing, trade finance, and business loans. Earlypay's mission is to help businesses grow and succeed by providing them with access to the working capital they need when they need it. The company's vision is to be the leading provider of working capital solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
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Where is the head office for Earlypay?

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Sydney, Australia

What year was Earlypay founded?

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What does Earlypay specialise in?
/Fintech /Payroll /Paycheck /Invoice financing /Business loans /Payment

What are the products and/or services of Earlypay?

Overview of Earlypay offerings
Earlypay Advance: Get your paycheck ahead of time, bypassing the wait for payday.
Earlypay Flex: Access your paycheck early, even if you've already received it, catering to unexpected expenses or emergencies.
Earlypay Payroll: Early access to your paycheck, ideal for contractors or freelancers not currently on the payroll.
Earlypay Payday: Early paycheck access for those in the gig economy, facilitating timely payments.
Earlypay Cashflow: Early paycheck access for businesses aiming to bolster their cash flow.
Earlypay Insights: Early paycheck access for effective spending tracking and budgeting.

Who is in the executive team of Earlypay?

Earlypay leadership team
  • Mr. James  Beeson
    Mr. James Beeson
    CEO, MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Paul  Murray
    Mr. Paul Murray
    CFO, Joint Company Secretary & COO
  • Mr. Mathew  Watkins
    Mr. Mathew Watkins
    Joint Company Secretary