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What does Eagle Pointome Company do?
Eagle Point Income Company (NYSE:EIC) focuses on income-generating investments, primarily delving into the debt and equity markets to maximize returns for their stakeholders. The company invests in structured credit instruments, including collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), to generate high levels of current income. Eagle Point Income's projects are geared towards capitalizing on discrepancies in the valuation of corporate credit, offering an analytical edge in a competitive marketplace. Objectives include providing sustainable income distributions and preserving capital, aiming to benefit from the complexity and mispricings within credit markets. Eagle Point Income is dedicated to thorough research and a disciplined investment approach to navigate the ever-changing economic landscape.
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Where is the head office for Eagle Pointome Company?

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Greenwich, United States

What year was Eagle Pointome Company founded?

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What does Eagle Pointome Company specialise in?
/Investment Management /Corporate Loans /Asset-Focused /Income Investments /Financial Services /High Yield

What are the products and/or services of Eagle Pointome Company?

Overview of Eagle Pointome Company offerings
Investment in high-yield, high-risk fixed income securities, focusing primarily on collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).
Provision of capital solutions to middle-market companies across various industries.
Management of diversified portfolios aiming to generate high current income.
Offering of customized investment strategies for institutional and individual investors.
Engagement in secondary market trading to enhance portfolio returns.
Advisory services for investors seeking exposure to U.S. credit markets.

Who is in the executive team of Eagle Pointome Company?

Eagle Pointome Company leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas Philip Majewski CPA
    Mr. Thomas Philip Majewski CPA
    Chairperson & CEO
  • Mr. Kenneth Paul Onorio C.P.A.
    Mr. Kenneth Paul Onorio C.P.A.
    CFO & COO
  • Mr. Nauman S. Malik
    Mr. Nauman S. Malik
    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Ms. Courtney Barrett Fandrick
    Ms. Courtney Barrett Fandrick