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What does Dynamic Group do?
Dynamic Group (ASX:DDB) is a supplier of drilling and blasting services to clients in the mining and construction sectors in Australia. The company has a track record of delivering high-quality services to its clients, and is committed to safety and innovation. Dynamic Group’s operations are spread across Australia, with offices in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The company has a team of experienced and qualified drillers and blasters, who are supported by a fleet of modern equipment.
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Where is the head office for Dynamic Group?

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Head Office
Perth, Australia

What year was Dynamic Group founded?

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What does Dynamic Group specialise in?
/Drilling /Blasting /Mining /Construction /Mining services /Resources

What are the products and/or services of Dynamic Group?

Overview of Dynamic Group offerings
Dynamic Drill & Blast: provides drilling and blasting services to mining and construction clients in Western Australia. Primarily focused on mid-sized projects in iron ore, lithium, and gold, DDB specialises in construction projects across Western Australia.
Orlando Drilling: delivers secure and premium reverse circulation, diamond, and air core drilling solutions for Australian exploration and mining firms.
WellDrill: based in Perth, specialises in water well drilling across Australia, catering to a diverse clientele from major mining firms to environmental management companies.

Who is in the executive team of Dynamic Group?

Dynamic Group leadership team
  • Mr. Geoffrey  Newman
    Mr. Geoffrey Newman
    Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Matthew Leo Freedman
    Mr. Matthew Leo Freedman
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Gregg  Barnard
    Mr. Gregg Barnard
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Brad  Turner
    Brad Turner
    General Manager of Operations
  • Mr. James Timothy Bahen B.Com.
    Mr. James Timothy Bahen B.Com.
    Company Secretary