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DODO (CRYPTO:DODO) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that uses a Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm to provide efficient on-chain liquidity for Web3 assets. The PMM algorithm is a unique pricing algorithm that incentivizes liquidity providers to provide liquidity for less popular assets, resulting in better liquidity and lower slippage for all traders. DODO offers a variety of products and services, including spot trading, margin trading, and perpetual trading. It also supports a variety of order types, including limit orders, market orders, and stop-loss orders. DODO is also one of the first DEXs to offer support for cross-chain trading. DODO is committed to building a decentralized and user-friendly DEX that is accessible to everyone. The team is constantly working to improve the platform and add new features. DODO is also committed to working with the community to build a strong and vibrant ecosystem around the platform.
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/Alameda Research Portfolio /Arbitrum Ecosystem /Binance Launchpool /BNB Chain /CMS Holdings Portfolio /Coinbase Ventures Portfolio /Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Token /DeFi /DeFiance Capital Portfolio /Exnetwork Capital Portfolio /Framework Ventures Portfolio /Pantera Capital Portfolio /Three Arrows Capital Portfolio

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Overview of DODO offerings
Cross-chain trading: DODO allows users to trade cryptocurrencies across different blockchains.
Governance: DODO token holders can participate in the governance of the platform by voting on proposals to change the platform's parameters.
Liquidity mining: DODO allows users to provide liquidity to the platform and earn rewards in the form of DODO tokens.
Margin trading: DODO allows users to trade with leverage, which can amplify their profits but also their losses.
Perpetual trading: DODO allows users to trade perpetual contracts, which are contracts that track the price of an underlying asset but do not have an expiry date.
Spot trading: DODO allows users to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner.