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dKargo (CRYPTO:DKA) a blockchain-based logistics company, is creating a secure, transparent ecosystem for logistics with services like dFull for efficient fulfillment, LODIS for C2C delivery, and dCross for global e-commerce logistics. Their goal is to transform the logistics sector, enhancing efficiency and transparency while reducing costs. In its early stages, dKargo has formed partnerships with major logistics providers and is currently testing its services in multiple countries. Poised to become a major industry player, dKargo's blockchain solutions have the potential to revolutionize global goods transportation.
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DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that governs the dKargo ecosystem.
dCross: A global e-commerce logistics solution that provides a seamless way to ship goods across borders.
dFull: A blockchain fulfillment service that provides a more efficient and transparent way to manage the fulfillment process.
dKlip: A blockchain-based digital identity and payment solution.
dScanner: A blockchain-based document scanning and verification service.
LODIS: A participant-driven C2C delivery service that allows users to send and receive packages without the need for a central intermediary.