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DIMO (CRYPTO:DIMO) is a user-owned connected vehicle platform that rewards drivers for sharing their data. It is built on a blockchain network, which allows it to be secure, transparent, and efficient. DIMO's operations are focused on connecting cars and rewarding drivers for sharing their data. DIMO offers a variety of ways for drivers to connect their cars, including through the DIMO mobile app, a DIMO device, and compatible car apps. Once a car is connected, DIMO collects data from the car, such as mileage, fuel consumption, and location data. DIMO then uses this data to power a variety of applications and services, such as predictive maintenance, car insurance, and ride-hailing. DIMO also uses this data to generate rewards for drivers. Drivers can earn rewards for a variety of actions, such as connecting their car, sharing their data, and using DIMO's marketplace. DIMO's projects include the development of a decentralized car marketplace, a decentralized car insurance platform, and a decentralized ride-hailing platform. DIMO is also working on the development of new data-driven applications and services that can benefit drivers and the broader transportation ecosystem. DIMO's objectives are to make driving safer, more affordable, and more sustainable. DIMO aims to do this by connecting cars, rewarding drivers for sharing their data, and powering data-driven applications and services.
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New York, United States

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/Distributed Computing

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Car insurance: DIMO offers a decentralized car insurance platform that is based on driver behavior. This means that drivers who drive safely pay less for insurance.
Community building: DIMO is building a community of drivers who are passionate about making driving safer, more affordable, and more sustainable.
Data marketplace: DIMO offers a data marketplace where drivers can sell their data to businesses and researchers. This allows drivers to earn additional income from their data.
Predictive maintenance: DIMO collects data from cars to predict when they are likely to need maintenance. This allows drivers to stay ahead of maintenance issues and avoid costly repairs.
Rewards: DIMO rewards drivers for connecting their cars, sharing their data, and using DIMO's marketplace. Drivers can redeem rewards for a variety of items, such as discounts on fuel, car insurance, and ride-hailing services.
Ride-hailing: DIMO is developing a decentralized ride-hailing platform that will give drivers more control over their earnings and passengers.