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Desane Group (ASX:DGH) is an integrated Australian property firm that operates across three segments: property investment, development, and services. The company first listed in the ASX in 1987, with its first significant venture into property being a commercial redevelopment of the former heritage listed Grace Bros building in the Sydney inner suburb of Camperdown.
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Real Estate

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New South Wales, Australia

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/Property Investment /Property Development /Real Estate /Investment /Construction

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159 Allen Street, Leichhardt: just 5km from Sydney's CBD, falls within the R1 General Residential zone. Situated within 200m of Hawthorne light rail station, it enjoys close proximity to local schools, amenities, and key public services.
322 Norton Street, Leichhardt: the property, just 5km from Sydney's CBD, sits in the B2 Mixed Use zone. It's conveniently located 210m from Leichhardt North light rail station.

Who is in the executive team of Desane Group?

Desane Group leadership team
  • Mr. Phil  Montrone O.A.M., OAM
    Mr. Phil Montrone O.A.M., OAM
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Jack  Sciara
    Mr. Jack Sciara
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Riccardo Domenico Montrone
    Mr. Riccardo Domenico Montrone
    Head of Property & Executive Director
  • Kylie  Ichsan
    Kylie Ichsan
    Financial Accountant
  • Mr. Kenji  Nakamura
    Mr. Kenji Nakamura
    Acquisition & Asset Manager