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Defiance Quantum (NYSEARCA:QTUM) focuses on investing in and supporting the development and proliferation of quantum computing technologies. Aiming to revolutionize industries by fostering quantum innovation, it operates by backing companies at the forefront of quantum computing research, software, systems, and applications. Their projects span from developing more efficient computing systems to solving complex problems in fields like cryptography, material science, and pharmaceuticals. With the objective to not only achieve superior investment returns but also to accelerate the quantum computing revolution, Defiance Quantum actively participates in the growth of this cutting-edge technology landscape, positioning itself at the intersection of finance and quantum technological advancement.
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Miami, United States

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/Strategy Consulting /Project Management /Technology Solutions /Digital Transformation /Cybersecurity Services /AI Integration

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Overview of Defiance Quantum offerings
Quantum Computing ETF, offering investors exposure to the quantum computing industry.
Quantum Computing Research, pioneering advances in quantum computing technology.
Quantum Computing Infrastructure, developing foundational hardware for quantum computing.
Quantum Software Development, creating software solutions for quantum computing applications.
Quantum Computing Consultancy, providing expert advisory services for businesses integrating quantum computing.
Quantum Computing Education, offering courses and resources to develop skills in quantum computing.