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TruGolf Holdings (NASDAQ:TRUG) is a leading provider of cutting-edge golf simulation technology and immersive experiences. Catering to golf enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses worldwide, TRUG offers state-of-the-art simulators that recreate the most renowned golf courses with stunning accuracy. Their solutions combine advanced software, high-definition graphics, and precision sensors to deliver a realistic golfing experience from the comfort of any location. Beyond individual consumers, TRUG serves commercial clients such as golf clubs, resorts, and entertainment venues, enhancing customer engagement and revenue streams. Committed to innovation and quality, TruGolf Holdings continues to revolutionize the way people experience and enjoy the game of golf.
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Communication Services

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Florida, United States

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/Healthcare AI /Medical Imaging /Predictive Analytics /Clinical Workflows /Patient Monitoring /Data Integration

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Overview of Deep Medicine Acquisition offerings
Golf Simulator Software: TruGolf develops and sells software like E6 Apex, which provides realistic simulations of famous golf courses and playing conditions.
Golf Simulator Hardware: They offer hardware components like launch monitors and impact screens to create a complete simulator experience.
Regional Developer Franchising: TruGolf launched a franchise program with Apogee hardware and E6 Apex software to support a network of golf and gaming entertainment centers.
eSports Platform: Their E6 CONNECT platform facilitates online tournaments and competitions for golfers around the world.
Video Games: Building on their simulation expertise, TruGolf has a history of developing award-winning golf video games like the "Links" series.
Technical Support: They likely offer technical support services to help customers install, maintain, and troubleshoot their golf simulation systems.

Who is in the executive team of Deep Medicine Acquisition ?

Deep Medicine Acquisition leadership team
  • Mr. Christopher  Jones
    Mr. Christopher Jones
    Chairman, CEO & President
  • Mr. Lindsay  Jones
    Mr. Lindsay Jones
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Brenner  Adams
    Brenner Adams
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Mr. Nathan E. Larsen
    Mr. Nathan E. Larsen
    Chief Experience Officer
  • Mr. B. Shaun Limbers
    Mr. B. Shaun Limbers
    Director & EVP
  • Mr. Steven R. Johnson
    Mr. Steven R. Johnson
    Chief Hardware Officer