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Decimal (CRYPTO:DEL) is a blockchain and token constructor, built on the Cosmos SDK for Cosmos ecosystem compatibility, enabling quick custom blockchain and token creation. Their focus is on simplifying this process with a user-friendly interface, documentation, and a developer community. Projects include platform improvements, community building, and collaborations to promote Decimal technology. Objectives involve streamlining blockchain and token creation, empowering developers, and fostering an interoperable, scalable ecosystem. Notable projects encompass the Decimal Console for blockchain and token management, Decimal SDK for custom app development, and Decimal Hub, a marketplace for Decimal-based assets. Decimal's mission is to democratize blockchain creation and foster innovation in a scalable, interconnected environment.
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Decimal API: An API that allows developers to interact with the Decimal blockchain.
Decimal Console: A web-based tool that allows users to create, manage, and deploy their own blockchains and tokens.
Decimal Explorer: A block explorer that allows users to view and search transactions and blocks on the Decimal blockchain.
Decimal Guard: A service that helps users to secure their Decimal-based assets.
Decimal Hub: A marketplace where users can buy and sell Decimal-based assets.
Decimal SDK: A software development kit that allows developers to build custom applications on the Decimal platform.