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OneMedNet (NASDAQ:ONMD) specializes in healthcare technology, offering innovative solutions designed to improve the accessibility and utilization of medical imaging data. This company strives to enhance clinical outcomes, promote efficiency in healthcare delivery, and facilitate research initiatives. By harnessing advanced technologies, OneMedNet aims to empower healthcare providers with better tools for diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient care management. Their projects reflect a commitment to advancing medical informatics and supporting the healthcare industry's evolving needs. Objectives focus on leveraging their expertise in medical imaging to address critical challenges in healthcare, aiming for widespread impact on patient care quality and the global healthcare ecosystem's efficiency.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for OneMedNet ?

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Eden Prairie, United States

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/Special Purpose /Acquisition Company /Investment Services /Business Acquisition /Capital Growth /Share Merger

What are the products and/or services of OneMedNet ?

Overview of OneMedNet offerings
BEAMĀ® is a leading medical image exchange solution enabling fast and secure sharing of images across healthcare systems.
Data Hosting services provide secure, accessible cloud storage solutions for medical data, ensuring compliance and patient confidentiality.
Consultation and Integration Services offer expertise to streamline healthcare IT infrastructures, ensuring systems work seamlessly together.
Data Analysis and Reporting tools leverage advanced analytics to unlock insights from medical data, supporting better patient care decisions.
Custom Development Solutions cater to specific needs by developing bespoke software enhancements, integrating seamlessly with existing healthcare IT ecosystems.

Who is in the executive team of OneMedNet ?

OneMedNet leadership team
  • Ms. Lisa  Embree
    Ms. Lisa Embree
    CFO & VP of Finance
  • Mr. Doug  Arent
    Mr. Doug Arent
    Vice President of Sales
  • Mr. Joe  Walsh
    Mr. Joe Walsh
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dr. Jeffrey  Yu M.D.
    Dr. Jeffrey Yu M.D.
    Founder, Chairman, VP & Chief Medical Officer
  • Mr. Aaron  Green
    Mr. Aaron Green
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Brad  Overby
    Mr. Brad Overby
    Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Delwin T. Coufal
    Mr. Delwin T. Coufal
    Director of Marketing
  • Mr. Steven  Chartier
    Mr. Steven Chartier
    Director of Product Management & Head of Data