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What does DAO Maker do?
DAO Maker (CRYPTO:DAO) is a decentralized launchpad that assists startups in raising capital and launching their tokens. It offers various services to startups, including an IDO/IGO launchpad for token launches, advisory services on tokenomics and marketing, and investment opportunities. DAO Maker invests in early-stage startups, providing them with funding and support. The platform is actively working on projects to enhance its offerings, such as developing a new version of its platform with improved features, establishing an incubator for early-stage startups, and creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to involve the community in platform governance. DAO Maker aims to simplify the fundraising process for startups, provide them with necessary support, offer investors a diverse range of investment opportunities, and foster transparency and accountability within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
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Overview of DAO Maker offerings
DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering): DYCO is a fundraising model that provides investors with a refund mechanism. If the token price drops below a predetermined threshold, investors can claim a refund, reducing the risk associated with token purchases.
Social Mining: DAO Maker's Social Mining platform allows users to earn tokens by contributing to the community. Users can engage in activities such as content creation, community moderation, and referrals to earn rewards and build their reputation within the ecosystem.
Strong Holder Offering (SHO): DAO Maker's SHO is a fundraising model that rewards long-term token holders. It incentivizes participants to hold tokens for an extended period, promoting stability and reducing short-term speculation.
Strong Holder Offering Lite (SHO Lite): SHO Lite is a simplified version of the SHO model, allowing projects to raise funds quickly and efficiently. It offers a streamlined process for token sales, making it accessible to a wider range of projects.
Token Swap: DAO Maker facilitates token swaps, enabling projects to migrate from one blockchain to another seamlessly. This service ensures smooth transitions and helps projects adapt to changing market conditions.
Venture Bond: DAO Maker's Venture Bond is a financial instrument that allows investors to earn fixed interest rates by providing capital to startups. It offers a secure and predictable investment option for those seeking stable returns.

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  • Christoph Zaknun
    Christoph Zaknun
    Founder and CEO