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Dallasnews (NASDAQ:DALN) specializes in providing news, information, and job listings primarily through its newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, and its websites. With a rich history and a commitment to journalistic integrity, Dallasnews has established itself as a reliable source for news, lifestyle content, and business insights in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company's projects range from digital transformation initiatives aimed at expanding its online presence and accessibility, to community engagement programs that seek to inform and involve local audiences. Dallasnews' objectives include maintaining its tradition of excellence in journalism while innovating to meet the changing demands of readers and advertisers in the digital age.
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Communication Services

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Dallas, United States

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What does Dallasnews specialise in?
/News Broadcasting /Online Journalism /Podcast Services /Digital Subscriptions /Media Advertising /Investigative Reporting

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Overview of Dallasnews offerings
The Dallas Morning News: A primary newspaper offering in-depth news coverage, analysis, and commentary across various sections including local, state, and national news.
dallasnews.com: The online platform providing digital access to news articles, updates, and multimedia content, catering to a wider, tech-savvy audience.
Al Día: A Spanish-language newspaper addressing the unique interests and concerns of the Hispanic community with relevant news and cultural content.
SportsDay: A dedicated section and platform for comprehensive sports coverage, focusing on local teams, high school sports, and national athletic news.
GuideLive: An entertainment service offering insights on local events, dining, and cultural activities, aiming to enhance lifestyle and leisure choices for its audience.
Briefing: A condensed version of the newspaper designed for quick reads, delivering a summary of the most important news directly to subscribers' homes.

Who is in the executive team of Dallasnews ?

Dallasnews leadership team
  • Mr. Grant S. Moise
    Mr. Grant S. Moise
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Mary Kathryn Murray CPA
    Ms. Mary Kathryn Murray CPA
  • Ms. Catherine G. Collins
    Ms. Catherine G. Collins
    Chief Financial Officer & Principal Financial Officer
  • Mr. Gary  Cobleigh
    Mr. Gary Cobleigh
    VP, Principal accounting officer & Controller
  • Mr. John  Kiker
    Mr. John Kiker
    President of Medium Giant.