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CyberConnect (CRYPTO:CYBER) is a web3 social network that enables developers to create social applications empowering users to own their digital identity, content, connections, and monetization channels. It is built on the Link3 protocol, which provides a decentralized infrastructure for web3 social applications. Operations: CyberConnect is operated by a decentralized team and community. The CYBER token is used to govern the protocol and to reward users for their contributions to the network. Projects: CyberConnect is currently in beta testing, but it has already attracted a large community of users and developers. The team is working on a number of projects to further develop the network, including launching a mainnet version of the protocol, developing new features and functionality for the network, partnering with other web3 projects to integrate CyberConnect into their ecosystems.
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Data ownership: CyberConnect gives users full ownership over their data, including their digital identity, content, and connections.
Decentralized social network: CyberConnect allows users to create and share content, connect with others, and build communities without having to rely on a central authority.
Developer tools and resources: CyberConnect provides developers with a variety of tools and resources to help them build social applications on the network.
Governance: The CYBER token is used to govern the CyberConnect protocol. CYBER token holders can vote on proposals and submit feedback to help shape the future of the network.
Monetization channels: CyberConnect provides users with a variety of ways to monetize their content and connections, such as through tipping, subscriptions, and NFTs.
Rewards: CYBER token holders are rewarded for their contributions to the network, such as by creating and sharing content, connecting with others, and participating in governance.