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What does CXApp do?
CXApp (NASDAQ:CXAI) is a leading provider of workplace experience platforms. Their software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, CXAI, integrates customer experience (CX) and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform how people interact with their work environment. CXApp offers features like desk and meeting room reservations, workplace analytics, and employee engagement tools, all within a single mobile app. With a focus on enhancing employee experience and workplace efficiency, CXApp serves enterprise customers in the US, Canada, India, and the Philippines.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for CXApp?

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Head Office
Palo Alto, United States

What year was CXApp founded?

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What does CXApp specialise in?
/Digital Experience /Enterprise Solutions /Event Management /Indoor Navigation /Scalable Software /Customer Engagement

What are the products and/or services of CXApp?

Overview of CXApp offerings
Customized mobile event app platform for engaging and interactive event experiences, offering real-time content updates and networking opportunities.
Live streaming services for events, allowing for virtual participation and digital engagement.
Event management software, providing organizers with tools for scheduling, attendee tracking, and analytics.
Location-based services for navigation and personalization, enhancing the physical event experience through geofencing and beacon technology.
Survey and feedback tools integrated into the app to gather attendee insights and measure event success.
Push notification and communication features to keep attendees informed and engaged before, during, and after events.

Who is in the executive team of CXApp?

CXApp leadership team
  • Mr. Khurram Parviz Sheikh
    Mr. Khurram Parviz Sheikh
    Founder, Interim CFO, Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Chris  Wiegand
    Mr. Chris Wiegand
    Executive Vice President of Business Operations
  • Mr. Naresh H. Soni
    Mr. Naresh H. Soni
    Chief Technology Officer