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What does CVR Partners LP do?
CVR Partners LP (NYSE:UAN) specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of nitrogen fertilizer products essential for agricultural and industrial customers. This company combines innovation and expertise to produce ammonia and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solutions, pivotal for boosting crop yield and supporting the global food supply. With a keen eye on environmental sustainability, CVR Partners is devoted to utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to minimize its ecological footprint while ensuring the highest efficiency in its operations. One of its notable projects includes the implementation of a pet coke gasification process to produce nitrogen fertilizer, showcasing its commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly practices. The primary objective of CVR Partners is to enhance productivity and profitability by expanding its market share and continuously improving operational efficiencies, ensuring it remains a vital contributor to the agricultural sector's success.
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Where is the head office for CVR Partners LP?

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Sugar Land, United States

What year was CVR Partners LP founded?

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What does CVR Partners LP specialise in?
/Fertilizer Production /Nitrogen Fertilizers /Petroleum Refining /Environmental Sustainability /Urea Ammonium Nitrate /Ammonia Products

What are the products and/or services of CVR Partners LP?

Overview of CVR Partners LP offerings
Ammonia production, focusing on environmentally friendly processes.
Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) fertilizers, supporting sustainable agriculture.
Distribution services, ensuring efficient delivery of their products to customers.
Technological innovations in nitrogen fertilizer production to enhance efficiency.
Environmental stewardship programs to minimize ecological impact.
Research and development in agricultural nutrient management for optimal crop yields.

Who is in the executive team of CVR Partners LP?

CVR Partners LP leadership team
  • Mr. David L. Lamp
    Mr. David L. Lamp
    Executive Chairman of CVR GP LLC
  • Mr. Mark A. Pytosh
    Mr. Mark A. Pytosh
    CEO, President & Director of CVR GP LLC
  • Mr. Dane J. Neumann
    Mr. Dane J. Neumann
    Executive VP, CFO, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary of CVR GP LLC
  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Conaway
    Mr. Jeffrey D. Conaway
    VP, Chief Accounting Officer & Corporate Controller of CVR GP LLC
  • Ms. Melissa M. Buhrig
    Ms. Melissa M. Buhrig
    Executive VP, General Counsel & Secretary of CVR GP LLC
  • Mr. Richard J. Roberts Jr.
    Mr. Richard J. Roberts Jr.
    Investor Relations Officer