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Cue Energy Resources (ASX:CUE) is an Australian-based oil and gas production and exploration company with a diversified mix of assets in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. The company's operations are focused on maximising the value of its existing assets, building organisational capability, aggressively pursuing the capture of new exploration acreages, developing a balanced portfolio of exploration, development, and production assets, and actively pursuing value-accretive acquisitions.
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Melbourne, Australia

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/Oil /Gas /Exploration /New Zealand /Australia /Indonesia /Energy

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Overview of Cue Energy Resources offerings
Amadeus Basin (Australia): Cue has interests in three production assets, Mereenie, Palm Valley, and Dingo Fields, situated in the Amadeus Basin within onshore Northern Territory.
Maari/ Manaia Oilfields: Cue holds a 5% interest Petroleum Mining Permit (PMP) 38160 which contains the Maari and Manaia producing oilfields, and is located in the Taranaki Basin, approximately 80 km offshore New Zealand. The current production output from the fields stands at about 5000 barrels of oil per day, extracted from seven production wells.
Mahato Production Sharing Contract (Indonesia): Cue holds a 12.5% interest in the Mahato PSC located in Central Sumatra, Indonesia. Oil production from the PB field within the PSC has been ongoing since early 2021, following the drilling of discovery wells in late 2019.
Sampang Production Sharing Contract (Indonesia): Cue holds a 15% interest in the Sampang Production Sharing Contract (PSC) situated in the Madura Strait, East Java, Indonesia. This encompasses two operational gas fields, Oyong and Wortel, along with the Paus Biru gas discovery.

Who is in the executive team of Cue Energy Resources?

Cue Energy Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Matthew  Boyall
    Mr. Matthew Boyall
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Melanie Jaye Leydin B.Bus, C.A.
    Ms. Melanie Jaye Leydin B.Bus, C.A.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Anita  Addorisio CFTP Snr, CPA, FAIM, FCPA, MACC, MAICD
    Ms. Anita Addorisio CFTP Snr, CPA, FAIM, FCPA, MACC, MAICD
    Company Secretary