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What does CSL do?
CSL Limited (ASX:CSL) is a global biotechnology company with a portfolio of lifesaving medicines and vaccines. Its operations span four businesses: CSL Behring, CSL Plasma, CSL Seqirus, and CSL Vifor. CSL's operations are focused on the development, manufacturing, and distribution of life-saving biotherapies and vaccines. CSL’s strong R&D pipeline aims to develop and deliver innovative medicines that address unmet medical needs or enhance current treatments in six Therapeutic Areas - Immunology, Hematology, Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Metabolic, Transplant and Vaccines. The company is also expanding its global manufacturing footprint to meet the growing demand for its products.
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What sector is CSL in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for CSL?

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Head Office
Melbourne, Australia

What year was CSL founded?

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What does CSL specialise in?
/Biotechnology /Vaccines /Healthcare /Pharmaceuticals /Life Sciences /Diagnostics

What are the products and/or services of CSL?

Overview of CSL offerings
CSL Behring: A global leader in rare and serious diseases, CSL Behring develops and manufactures innovative biotherapies to treat rare and life-threatening conditions, including immunodeficiencies, neurological disorders, and bleeding disorders.
CSL Plasma: The world's largest plasma collection company, CSL Plasma collects plasma from donors and processes it into life-saving plasma therapies.
CSL Seqirus: One of the largest influenza vaccine providers in the world, CSL Seqirus develops, manufactures, and distributes influenza vaccines to protect people of all ages from the flu.
CSL Vifor: A leader in iron deficiency and nephrology, CSL Vifor develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products and therapies for the treatment of iron deficiency, kidney disease, and other chronic conditions.

Who is in the executive team of CSL?

CSL leadership team
  • Dr. Paul F. McKenzie Ph.D.
    Dr. Paul F. McKenzie Ph.D.
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Ms. Joy Carolyn Linton B.Com., BComm, GAICD, Grad Dip AFI
    Ms. Joy Carolyn Linton B.Com., BComm, GAICD, Grad Dip AFI
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Mark  Dehring
    Mr. Mark Dehring
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Gregory  Boss B.S., BS(Hons), J.D.
    Mr. Gregory Boss B.S., BS(Hons), J.D.
    Executive VP of Legal & General Counsel
  • Christina  Hickie
    Christina Hickie
    Senior Manager of Communications
  • Ms. Roanne  Parry
    Ms. Roanne Parry
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Dr. Karen  Etchberger
    Dr. Karen Etchberger
    Executive Vice President of Quality & Business Services
  • Ms. Jemimah  Brennan
    Ms. Jemimah Brennan
    Head of Communications - Asia Pacific